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参加曲「Don’t Stop」

ステフ・ポケッツが初めて取り組んだレゲエオンリーのフルアルバム『STEPH POCKETS in ROOTS & DUB CULTURE』に参加!

【In Roots & Dub Culture】
01.Way Back Home ~I-troduction~ / Steph Pockets & Yant Izes
02.I&I Stand Up / Steph Pockets & Marcy
03.I-strumental a.k.a. Stand Up / A.D.P. Feat. Er-i Mahogany
04.Dream / Steph Pockets
05.Irie Up / Steph Pockets & Fortune D
06.Dub / Papa I-ya Bonz
07.Save a Rock Star / Steph Pockets
08.Huddle / Steph Pockets & BLACK BLOOD ROCKERS
09.Rain / Steph Pockets & BLACK BLOOD ROCKERS
10.Don’t Stop / Steph Pockets & Chan-Mika
11.Dub / Azumino Dub Project
12.Live Life,Make Music / Steph Pockets
13.I-strumental / A.D.P. Feat,三根星太郎
14.Hey Ya Hey Ya Hey Ya / Steph Pockets&Nic
15.Maze a.k.a. Verse 2 / Steph Pockets & DJ SHARK
16.No Sleep / Steph Pockets
17.Dub / Oiso Rockers meets Bonz

レーベル:Pirka Atuy JPN


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